• Elegance of Bygone Times

    Crafted with great attention to details, the kitchen represents the elegance of past times. Made of machined MDF with the effect of aging, and laminated worktop with wooden edge make the rounded forms possible, creating a comfortable atmosphere. The subtle transition from the cooking space to the bar, facing the living room, makes the loveable communication with the whole family easy.

  • Center of the Whole Family

    Elements, belonging to the past, are integrated again correspondingly to the current needs. The kitchen becomes aligned with the modern lifestyle. The doors are made of wood and natural veneer. The unique machinel panel, which separates the kitchen, creates a romantic atmosphere and comfort, and makes the kitchen the loveable attractive force for the whole family.


  • Exceptionally Elegant

    A classic kitchen, made in the following variations: wood / cherry / or MDF with paint color by choice. The original door and the handmade finish, the usage of contemporary accessories, and the appliances in rustic style imply the sensation of valuable home, filled with warm memories